The best Windows 10 Themes: free download for PC

Customize your PC with the most beautiful themes and skins. The utility below will help you download free themes for Windows 10 and earlier. All you have to do is download the software and install it. This utility gives you access to a collection of themes created by developers around the world as well as access to official Microsoft themes, themes that you don’t find in the operating system right now.

This software that helps you download themes can be used to create your own themes for Windows 10. Use your own images to bring to life some of the themes you’ve never seen before. The themes come with sets of images, colors for windows and sounds. To install a theme click on the download button and then on the installation. Get Windows 10 themes free download for pc.


At your choice, you can download more modified themes than the usual ones, themes with buttons and icons different from the current ones and sounds that you do not find now in Windows. With the utility provided by us, you can download custom themes such as Macintosh or Mac OS theme, Linux, and so on. You can customize your PC with the latest Linux, or Mac OS-like skins.

The most enjoyable themes for Windows 10 that I have experienced so far were the themes that mimic the perfect interface from Mac OS X and Linux. The most friendly and colorful theme for Windows 10 was Mac OS X, a very nice theme that although it completely changes the look of the PC, is easy to use and does not interfere with your daily tasks. All the sounds that this theme has are exactly like the ones on the Macintosh, including the sound it’s Turn Off, Turn On, or the notifications we all know.

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