Tik Tok after a few months of daily using

TikTok app is unlike anything i’ve seen so far and in my case it has created a lot of addiction. I spent hundreds of hours watching over 10,000 movies from January 15th and so far. Moreover, I also became a creator of video content – we have already published more than 40 films, which together exceeded 200,000 views and 9,000 likes. The figures are not extraordinary, but given the fact that I generated almost exclusively content on the weekends and failed to “migrate” almost anything from the audience I have on Facebook or Instagram, I was very surprised that I reached them.

In short, it is a mobile application through which anyone can create and distribute extremely easy 15 sec movies. Video editing capabilities are incredibly advanced (I don’t think there is another application that offers such powerful tools on mobile) and in addition you have access to a virtually endless library of music, sound effects, movie audio sequences or from you wonder what contexts. I do not know how to solve the copyright issue, it is not the subject of this article.

TikTok is the former Musical.ly, bought in 2017 by a Chinese company for $ 1 billion. 2 years later, it is the most downloaded application globally in 2018 – recently exceeded 1 billion downloads. Yes, you read that right :). If you want to read more about the business / marketing context around TikTok, I invite you to read Manafu’s article or the blog on Hit Yourself. Here I will talk about the perspective of direct users.

TikTok is the first application that truly democratizes video editing and transforms “ordinary” people into entertainers. It is incredibly simple to create video content and by joining the sound / music library plus the huge community of creators it has resulted in a space with completely new rules, in which a new category of content creators flourishes.

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