Why Fios TV App for PC?

Now is the time to get the most out of your favorite content. Fios TV App for PC can explore over 400 high definition TV channels as well as 4k. Our application will analyze what you like to watch and will automatically give you the desired content.


A TV application as you wish. The Fios TV app for PC gives you amazing experiences. With more than 400 channels at your disposal, you will never get bored. Watch the best content when you want. Besides the large number of channels it supports, it also comes with voice command support. So, you can search for your favorite tv channels by voice.

With our free application, you will be able to play any channel, you can record your favorite shows or movies, and many other things. By default, the Fios TV app plays 4K content but you can also play a Full HD version in case you have a poor internet connection.

With Fios app, you can stream live sports, news, access premium content or download the content for offline use. Fios app for PC comes by default with HBO GO premium account, without paying anything else. The application also supports Amazon Alexa, so you can enjoy voice control anytime you want. You can use your voice to control everything.

Alexa with the Fios TV app can help you stop or start favorite channels, search for favorite channels or shows, search for movies by title or actor, play, pause, or schedule recording of your favorite show or movie. Feel free to share the app with your best friends 😉